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Stab your food with your fork and bring the food to your mouth, fork top facing up. Put your fork down on your plate, hands in your lap, chew and swallow. MD Miss Prissy @ss says putting the fork down and napkin dabbing after every bite is overkill unless the Queen is present. This way no one has to see your disgusting chewed up food, or even worse, you spray your disgusting chewed up food everywhere because you are talking with your mouth full. Just scoop the soup, not the entire side of the bowl every time.

Just put the fork down sometimes and wipe milk mustaches and food falling off your face every so often. When making a reservation, it is proper for it to go under the Gentleman's last name.

MD Miss Prissy @ss' manners all originate from my original modeling/ charm school instructors, who were a real live bunch of Miss Prissy @sses teaching at "The Sears Discovery Charm School for Young Ladies" during the early 70's.

The lady follows the hostess first and the men fall in behind.

When at the table, the host will sometimes ask for your coats. The host may pull out the chair for the lady to sit in.

When community dishes arrive like appetizers or Chinese food, do not eat directly from the serving dish.

Never put your personal eating utensils into the community dish. The gentleman serves a portion to his date on the separate smaller plate usually provided, and then serves himself a portion on his own appetizer plate.

To hold your fork correctly, extend your eating hand and fingers like you are going to give a handshake, thumb pointing up.